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"Everything you need in Removable Prosthetics."

Products and Services

Our mission:

• To produce a higher quality removable prosthesis, at an affordable price.

• Provide a service that exhibits industry knowledge, credibility and our high level of standards; putting us above the competition.

• Make certain that we've met the individual needs of the patients.
In our lab we start with the basics of dental technology. We believe that function and balance is important to you and your patients' health. We also focus on aesthetics and anatomy; such as hidden or clear flexible clasps, butting-in single anterior teeth to the tissue, and reworking the occlusal anatomy on any "ground on" teeth. Our technicians are highly skilled and our owner & operator, Fred Hupp oversees each case.  We have a 3-Point Quality Check Inspection before sending out your patients final prosthetics. We understand that you value your patients satisfaction as we value yours.

Our services include:

Implant Supported Dentures (Click here to view)

  • ERA
  • Locators
  • O-Ring System
  • VSK-SG Attachment Systems 
  • Milled titanium bars / with hader clips

Hybrid Dentures (Click here to view) Fixed Hybrid Dentures with milled titanium substructure

Cast Metal Partials (Click here for Recommended Impression Material)

Flexible Partials (See our video below)

Partials, Stayplates, Flippers (Click here to view) -  Suffice your needs for replacement teeth on an urgent basis.

Essix Flippers and Retainers

Clear Aesthetic Clasp
(Click here to view) - VisiClear is the ultimate choice for reliability and aesthetics. A practical advantage to using the clear flexible clasps is that the clasp is hidden. This provides the patient with a nearly invisible partial denture, which will improve their satisfaction and confidence.

Tooth Colored Aesthetic Clasp - DurAcetal
(Click here to view) -  A light and flexible polymer replacement for metal appliances.

Night Guards - We make hard, soft, dual laminated and thermo night guards.

TMJ Splints - To help reduce night time clenching for patients with "temporomandibular joint disorder".

Surgical Stent/Pilot Appliance

We offer daily pick-up and delivery services.

While our local courier delivery region is limited to towns within 25 miles of Phoenix, we use B2B Delivery and Intelliquick to guarantee that all cases outside our local pick-up/delivery range arrive on time. To determine which delivery method fits your practice call our office at any time.

Our pick-up and delivery service is free. With our staff in complete control of shipping, it takes the burden and headache of tracking cases off of our clients and their staff. They can feel confident that the case will be in the office ready for the patients arrival. Our lab does not charge any rush fees, however if you require a rush, please note that there will be a rush fee per the courier (rush fees vary by location and time frame needed.)

*** Please note: Morning routed pick-ups should be called in before 10:30 AM and will be picked up by noon. Afternoon routed pick-ups should be called in before 3:00 PM in order to be picked up by 5PM. ***

We offer Same Day Service for repairs and relines inside the Phoenix/Metro area. Outside the Phoenix/Metro area we will require 2 to 3 days in lab. Please call to get an estimated due date.

Click here to print RX Lab Script 

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